Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh, summer.

It's nice to have a little free time:

- Watching Iron Chef America right now. I'm so behind on television consumption that I didn't realize there was a fifth Iron Chef. I wonder who'll he'll replace? My bet is on Flay. Definitely not Cora, since she hasn't established a 'franchise personality' yet. Also, Jeffrey Steingarten appears as a judge again. Whew, since he's really the only judge I trust - the others tend to be a little too nitpicky for me.

- My mouth is still smarting after eating pineapple two hours ago. Maybe it was because my lips were chapped, but honestly, it still stings. There's purple underneath my fingernails from blackberry stains, and they still haven't come off after two days of washing. Thank goodness for perfectly ripe fruit - a rarity in the dining hall.

- I've been fortunate enough to have summer jobs where the cafeterias have been pretty darn good (and probably subsidized). Last summer, I discovered my weakness for sweet potato fries (a good-sized box for around $1.50), my personal rules for them (they must be thin, they must be crunchy, they must be only slightly and vaguely healthy) and garlicky, thick-as-potato-skins kettle chips. This time, I'm living off chicken-salad-with-veggies-on-foccacia, chicken wild rice soup, and an occasional onion ring order. My fellow co-worker did tell me about the transparently-winged bug in his salad though...he said it was crunchy. I say that'd be gross if I saw it.

- On the really good side of things (as opposed to darn good cafeterias) my friend and former lab partner is now experimenting with pizza. I am so stoked in anticipation of his results - he's working on adding different proportions of ingredients to his crust. I'm also quite tempted to make this blurb as science-pun-based as possible in a Foodivia post, but I'm not going to.

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