Thursday, July 17, 2008

Froyo metropolis update

The Crimson reviews frozen yogurt in New York.

Meanwhile, I haven't caught up on redcherry, Leeann Chin's new brand of frozen yogurt. I have to say their logo isn't very appealing, though - a little too cutesy-retroish for me. Meanwhile, CityPages beat me to the punch, offering a brief review.

DC bloggers have been waiting for froyo for a while, and they've got it at Mr. Yogato, where my friend has her "amazing summer job." It's more like the area's Berryline, rather than Pinkberry: Mr. Yogato's original name was Berry Line (two separate words) when it advertised for employees on Craigslist. From what I've heard, apparently Mr. Yogato's owners know those of Berryline.

From what I've said so far, it'd seem like this post would end on a relatively sad note for Minneapolis froyo...except Fruitgurt (available at Dayton's -- oh wait, I mean Macy's -- locations) has been going strong since I was a kid. It also happens to smell amazingly like vanilla when you stop by, so you should probably do so.

But please, someone get more sour-er yogurt here!

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