Friday, June 26, 2009

Real Men Love Brunch

In an Absolut world, real men could eat quiche.
-- Michael Sonsteng, one of the candidates for One Man Minneapolis, a charity benefit and grown-up pageant.
Admittedly, I laughed at the quote. The juxta of Absolut and quiche? Moar lyk some fruity permutation of Smirmoff Ice and quiche, according to the demographic at HoCo stein clubs.

Then my mind drifted to the relationship between men and brunch. As How I Met Your Mother points out, it's awkward for just two men to get brunch together. Brunch is a couples thing, brunch is a girls-post-mani-pedi thing, brunch is for family to gather after the one Sunday you attended church this year. Let's broaden that Absolut world, okay?

More than when they sit through all six hours of Pride and Prejudice, more than when they get friendzoned for months on end, I'm impressed when two guys are actively willing to get brunch, and not because of a girl.

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Scott said...

hopefully, lots of men will be attending the One Man Minneapolis event on Saturday night, July 18, and sticking around for brunch the next morning!