Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...Never gonna give you up

My two favorite hobbies -- aside from learning (no, really - stuff I wanna learn, okay? Just like how Randy Moss plays when he wants to play. thankfully, the course catalog should handle some of that) and taking photos and being sarcastic and other things I've neglected to mention* -- are probably eating and rickrolling**.

Obviously, those are other people's hobbies too. So what would be better than a food-and-rickrolling post? Here are three links that might interest you if you're into projecting Rick Astley skillz on your foodz:

A rickrolling lyric cake [Matilda's Cookbook People]
. Impressed by the pun on dessert and desert. Not so impressed by the gel icing; that stuff reminds me of two things: melted fruit roll-up or the lip gloss everyone used in eighth grade (and some people would actually drink because it tasted like blue raspberry).

Actual rick rolls; that is, Rick Astley's face superimposed onto hamburger buns.

But the true queen of food rickrolling is here. This woman disguised a hat box in icing to serve as a decoy birthday cake for her boyfriend. Underneath the hat box, she had created a rickroll cake with the words "Never gonna give you up," along with Rick Astley's image. Not only did she achieve what the other two links did, but she disguised it. Then, when her friends tried to cut her cake, she turned on the music and lifted the box.

Dear readers, if I am ever proposed to, I hope this is how it's done. How can you go wrong if "our song" is "Never gonna give you up?"

*If you clicked that, you just got rickrolled. Suckaaaaa.
**"Never Gonna Give You Up" was actually left off the Now 25 compilation album as one of the top songs over the past 25 years. Travesty? Travesty.

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