Sunday, January 11, 2009

Be still my heart, mocha cinnamon swirl

Remember the "Sweet and Savory" event for freshmen last year, where the first-years got free cheesecake and nachos so that they didn't freak out over finals?

Unfortunately, my unworthy goals of crashing this year's Sweet and Savory were dashed, but for good reason - I didn't arrive in Boston until a few days later. Which - by all accounts - is good, since I got an extra day of home-cooked food and missed some Lamonting.

In any case, missing a premium study break was well worth it. As non-first-years in the houses, it's now our turns to get good food, starting with the Winter Wonderland brunch tonight. Admittedly, the first-years might have gotten a whiff of Winter Wonderland, whether in Annenberg (though the food's probably mess hall there) or in unrestricted upperclass dhalls (still not your own).

Winter Wonderland brunch was amazing. Admittedly, we would all prefer if HUDS spread out their good meals, but this was a nice touch to finals week (even if it extended my stay in the dhall to over thirty minutes). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try all the food, but between all of us, we managed every menu item:

  • horseradish crusted beef (appparently why Adams and Eliot restrict dinner for Carvery nights)
  • apple bourbon brown-sugar crusted French baguette toast
  • potato latkes
  • lobster bisque
  • grape-nut bread pudding
  • made to order omelettes (with feta cheese, smoked ham and salmon, etc)
  • the goat-cheese cranberrys salad
  • the requisite chocolate fountain (obvs?)
But the best part for us was the flavored coffee. A weekend staple at the Quad houses (and the only perk I can see from living in Pfoho, aside from my friends and maybe Cabot dining hall's layout), French Vanilla never makes it to the River houses. Neither does mocha cinnamon swirl - admittedly, the coffee is watered down and the caffeine is giving me a little headache as I blog, but it's not regular acidic dhall coffee!

Needless to say, I'm not excited for my finals this week. Though I'm anticipating the finals study breaks - including but not limited to the return of potato skins. Freshmen, even though I was you last year and I hated house restrictions on study breaks, please don't come into my unrestricted break. Behold: I will take you down if you take my shredded cheese-chive-bacon masterpiece.

Happy finals?

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