Monday, July 6, 2009


Things I'd like from the States:

  • Cambridge Common's breakfast BLT. I may very well attempt it this week, because I never realized how delectable bacon-eggs-avocado were. Basically, I am in need of brunch satisfaction.
  • A balsamic salmon salad or Greek salad that doesn't cost $20.
  • Pita chips, accompanied with red pepper hummus (never, ever, ever sundried tomato).
  • Good Asian food that isn't from a Chinese/Thai/pan-Asian restaurant. Specifically, I am thinking of Spice's spicy basil fried rice and Shabu-Zen and Yi-Soon sponge cake. Or, more obviously, any type of home cooking.
  • Arby's sauce (this remains a common craving when I am in Boston).
  • My usual order at Chipotle: chicken tacos, cheese and lettuce, green and corn salsas.
Things that are making up for it:
  • Swiss chocolate -- unfortunately, I just ran out of my fridge stash yesterday.
  • GelatoMania -- just had their mustard flavor yesterday. It was grainy but neither sinus-clearing nor super-savory. A close runner up to my favorite, pineapple basil.
Things that I'm getting sick of:
  • Crusty bread. The new trick: spreading pesto on pretzel rolls for lunch.
  • McDonald's -- I went twice this week with my housemates. Once unwillingly, obviously. Weirdly enough, a medium sized fries here is equivalent to the large sized order in the States. And costs $3.50.
  • The tomato-mozzarella-basil combination.
  • Pain au chocolat -- is this blasphemous?

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