Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two of my favorite things are now together

Mind you, they don't include bacon.

Eat me daily
(which, surprise, I read daily) reports that food-inspired typefaces are now available to the public. For those of you who hang out with me, you know that I spend most of my classes practicing the alphabet, as a sort of D-list handwriting designer/greeting card person. (This causes problems when I've written the Schumpterian model in swirly cursive.)

Not so much a fan of the "square doughnut" font depicted in the post, but I think the garlic-clove inspired font is clever if not particularly usable for my papers. After checking out the VetteLetters site, I've decided I'm a fan of the Irish Stew. The top-heavy letters are simple and just enough quirky (HUDS should make an investment in these. After all, Yale has their own typeface!)
As someone who punctuates her real-life conversation with "ZOMGs" and "I can haz?" this sort of thing will not be curbing my web-speak anytime soon. (Although the discovery of Megan Joy Corkrey as a font designer only raised my opinion of her by about .4%.)

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