Saturday, December 13, 2008

A quick rundown of fall '08 and future posts (hello again!), and some gift ideas

Between problem sets, exams, meetings and papers, I (clearly) haven't been blogging. I keep promising this won't be a habit...but hopefully my New Year's resolutions start with updating Foodivia at least once a week.

A quick summary of my fall: I came to school, went out to eat more often than I did last year, and most notably, dressed up as a cupcake for Halloween (the G-rated kind).

I also took a LOT of pictures of food, which I'll be putting up shortly in sets, backtracking from the Taiwan Food Festival in August all the way to this week. (My roommate: "I'm so honored to be the only human in your Facebook album, and that's because I'm eating a lobster claw.") Until photos come up tomorrow, enjoy The State of the Cookie - a Slate discussion about what makes the perfect cookie.

Finally, in the rush for Christmas shopping, I've also been looking for good food-themed gifts - and I stumbled on miniature food jewelry. I've always been obsessed with fake food (I used to press my face against sushi displays, I buy thumb-sized plastic bowls of udon at gift shops...) so needless to say, I was excited. For instance, these tiny cupcakes - but at the other end of the scale, there are giant sushi pillows too. Cakespy, which also does sweets reviews, was a pretty good source for similar gifts (though kind of expensive on their part), but I really like their own art better.

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