Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Pomegranate is so 2007..."

I really liked Naked pomegranate juice when I first had it; I liked it even more than the Naked smoothies.

Then I had concentrated pomegranate juice. And slowly, the trend trickled down the quality scale:

1. Blueberry juice is a poor complement to pomegranate - it makes it too sweet and doesn't give it enough berry flavor.
2. Nom pomegranate iced tea. Stick with the lychee - the pomegranate's overrated.
3. Arizona pomegranate iced tea. Which shamefully, I am drinking right now for the first time. A strange fruity flavor and lots of corn syrup.
4. The tipping point, in my opinion? Haagen Dazs' premium pomegranate-chip ice cream. You may remember me briefly mentioning this as an early taste for my senior project - no real pomegranate and no real chocolate chips.

I guess I'll move on to acai...oh wait, that was winter '07? Shoot...for that matter, acai was overrated too.

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